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  • Video Showing Outcome 6 Months After Stem Cell Injection For Partial Thickness Rotator Cuff Tear

    Video Showing Outcome 6 Months After Stem Cell Injection For Partial Thickness Rotator Cuff Tear

    This patient has a 50% tear of the supraspinatus tendon. He was treated with a single ultrasound guided injection of autologous bone marrow derived stem cells from a posterior iliac crest marrow aspiration done in the office under local anesthesia.

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  • Dr. Don Buford Talks About MSK Ultrasound Guided Injections

    Dr. Don Buford Talks About MSK Ultrasound Guided Injections

    We had a nice evening last night at the Winewood restaurant sponsored by Konica Minolta and Emcyte. MSK ultrasound gives the clinician the ability to see soft tissues and joints in real time. I think it is a great diagnostic tool and many times can replace MRI scans so we can make an instant diagnosis for patients. Saves people time and money! If we decide to use Platelet Rich Plasma or bone marrow derived Stem Cells, then we use ultrasound to make sure we are putting these expensive biologic injections exactly where they need to go.

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  • 7 Reasons Why Concentrating Bone Marrow Aspirate Is Smart

    Currently, I am at the 2018 Interventional Orthopedic Foundation meeting which is a multidisciplinary collection of clinicians interested in advanced the field of interventional orthopedics and in the science and application of orthobiologics. One of my faculty assignments was to discuss the many reasons why centrifuging and concentrating bone marrow aspirate makes good clinical sense when compared to just using bone marrow aspirate alone as a treatment. Below is a summary of my talking points!

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  • Please avoid the Chiropractor based stem cell scams….yet another example below

    Another example of the scam stem cell clinics in action. In this case, a chiropractor James Briggs presented himself as “Dr. Briggs” and charged this poor woman $5000 for a scam injection that was not even a real stem cell injection. This DC had already lost his license in one state and it was suspended in another state AND he had been arrested for Medicare fraud. Please do your homework….come see us for an honest eval and procedures that don’t violate current FDA rules and regulations.

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  • Another Example of Adipose Tissue Tissue Used In Violation Of FDA Regulations

    Dr. Joel Singer is a plastic surgeon affiliated with the Cell Surgical Network, who has publicly announced he has treated NFL player(s) with IV adipose tissue for concussions or other neurologic disorders. According to the FDA guidelines, adipose tissue digested to make SVF or made into smaller adipose tissue pieces broken down by mechanical disruption is a biologic drug. Biologic drugs need to be registered and go thru a well defined and expensive and time consuming FDA process BEFORE being approved for human use. Dr. Singer doesn’t have an Investigational Drug License or a BLA on file with the FDA so apparently, according to the FDA…he is using and promoting an unapproved biologic drug.

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  • Announcing Study Enrollment for our rotator cuff study

    The Dallas PRP and Stem Cell Center has now enrolled 16 patients in a study to determine if an office based bone marrow derived stem cell injection can help a partial thickness rotator cuff tendon heal. The study is expected to enroll a total of 25 patients who will be followed for 1 year after the stem cell treatment.

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  • Free PRP and Stem Cell Seminar Tonight! 6p-7p

    What is a scam? When and where can we use orthobiologics? Why doesn’t it make sense to use adipose or umbilical cord blood or amniotic fluid as a source for stem cells? How much does it cost? What insurance companies cover the procedure? Would this work for me? What is the difference between PRP and a stem cell injection? Does the FDA approve these procedures? Will a doctor do the injection? Will the doctor doing the injection use ultrasound?

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  • February PRP and Stem Cell Seminars Announced!

    ur free PRP and Stem Cell Seminars in February will be on Tuesday Feb. 6 and Tuesday Feb. 20.
    Seminars are free and open to patients and doctors or clinicians interested in learning the state of the art with orthobiologic treatments.

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  • The Dallas PRP And Stem Cell Institute announces a free seminar for the public!

    The Dallas PRP And Stem Cell Institute announces a free seminar for the public!

    The Dallas PRP and Stem Cell Institute has now had just over 50 people attend and another 75 already signed up to come to our Thursday evening Orthobiologic seminar series. We discuss the many orthopedic conditions for which platelet rich plasma and stem cell injections are being used and studied.

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  • Our latest patient in our rotator cuff stem cell study

    or the last 1.5 years we have been doing an in office study looking at trying to get partial thickness rotator cuff tendons to heal with a single injection of bone marrow derived stem cells. We are enrolling 25 patients and this is the procedure video from #21 done today! If you think you might be a candidate for one of the last 4 spots call our office at 214-385-4861 or -4860. There is no cost to be in the study.

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