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Another “Amniotic Fluid/Umbilical Cord Blood/Wharton’s Jelly, Exosome” Sales Company Gets Stopped By The FDA

This time, the company is RichSource Stem Cells, whose CEO is Sara Oracle. On November 20, 2019, the FDA sent the company a letter detailed all of the falsehoods in the claims being mad by these companies when they sell their products to clinicians….and all the falsehoods that clinicians are selling patients when then sell these products. These products simply cannot be used in humans in the USA without FDA approval and 99% do not (Amniofix from a company called MiMedx has an approval for study and use for knee arthritis only) All of the rest of the companies should know better and are putting people’s health and safety secondary to their own profit motive.

This is why we only use bone marrow concentrate…from your own body….as the source for stem cells, and growth factors, another proteins and cytokines when we do our procedures at the Texas Orthobiologic Institute. RIchSource FDA Letter 11.20.19

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