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Don’t Believe Some Of The Stem Cell Cartilage Regrowth Claims!

Today I saw a middle aged patient with middle aged knee arthritis and he was looking for another option for arthritis pain relief. He had been to two seminars discussing umbilical cord blood, Wharton’s Jelly, Exosomes, and other regenerative medicine injections. His question for me: “How much cartilage will YOUR procedure grow back” Seems that he had been told that he would grow 1 inch of cartilage back at one seminar and about 0.5 inches at the other seminar. I found this funny and interesting and probably a bald faced lie…. because the upper range of normal human cartilage thickness in the knee is 3-4mm…….FAR less than the 25mm promised in one seminar and still far less that the 12mm promised in the other seminar.

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