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Have a look at our last 38 patient testimonials!

Dallas PRP and Stem Cell Institute specializes in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and stem cell (from your own bone marrow) procedures for orthopedic conditions like arthritis, back pain, sports injuries. Most procedures are done in the office in less than an hour.  We help patients interested in avoiding surgery.  We also help patients avoid getting scammed by unscrupulous clinics delivering products that are not really stem cell injections or that are not properly registered with the FDA.

Here are 38 patient testimonials cover lots of different treatments and post treatment time frames. With 20 years as a Board Certified orthopedic surgeon and 12 years as a regenerative medicine specialist, Dr. Don Buford ( is uniquely positioned to fully inform patients about all surgical and nonsurgical treatment options from his first hand experience.

Results vary and we tailor our treatment recommendations for each patient.

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