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What are PRP Injections and How Can They Benefit You?
What are PRP Injections and How Can They Benefit You?

PRP injections – or Platelet-rich plasma injections – are a minimally invasive medical treatment that stimulates the regeneration of soft tissues. The injections are a type of regenerative medicine that promotes optimal healing for a person who has sustained injuries and can also be used to help alleviate pain associated with those injuries.

Platelet-rich plasma has concentrations of platelets well above baseline levels and contains a number of growth factors. The blood used to develop platelet-rich plasma is first drawn from the patient’s own body before any concentration occurs. This blood is then placed in a centrifuge for the purpose of separating the platelets and forming a concentrated PRP substance. When the right level of PRP is achieved, it can then be re-injected into the patient at the site of the injury.

Common uses for PRP injections

One of the best things about PRP injections is that they are minimally invasive, meaning healing can be administered with a needle instead of a scalpel. The healing and regenerative nature of these injections can help many patients avoid the need for surgery altogether.

Here are some of the most common uses for PRP injections:

  • Relief for knee arthritis – Many arthritis patients have a severe reduction of hyaluronic acid around the knee, which is responsible for cushioning and lubricating the joint. PRP injections help restore the hyaluronic acid concentration around the knees, and that can help reverse any joint damage and halt the progression of the disease.
  • Sports injuries – Nearly everyone who has suffered a severe sports injury can benefit from a PRP injection, especially if tissue has been torn around ligaments, muscles, joints, or tendons. The healing aspect of PRP injections restores mobility and functionality to the injured area.
  • Relief for low back pain – PRP injections can reduce back pain by improving some of the structural elements in the area like discs, joints, and ligaments.
  • Reducing inflammation – PRP therapy is a very advanced procedure that can provide an effective healing process in a fast and safe manner. This approach to pain management is extremely effective at lowering any swelling or inflammation in the affected area, and it can also reduce the amount of time necessary for healing at any given location in the body.

Considering the possibility of PRP injections?

If you've sustained some kind of serious injury to a particular site on your body, you might be a good candidate for the serious pain relief and healing that PRP therapy can impart.

For people in the Dallas area, Dr. Don Buford of Texas Orthobiologics is a recognized leader in regenerative medicine. As a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Buford specializes in regenerative protocols such as PRP therapy.

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