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July 13, August 10, August 24: Free Public Orthopedic Stem Cell Seminars!

2017 is half gone!  Time to get rid of your joint pain….  Come learn how you have other natural options besides medications, steroids,and surgery to treat your arthritis, back pain and sports injuries.

Also learn how to spot the scams online….if someone is trying to sell you a stem cell injection that doesn’t come from your own body (amniotic fluid/umbilical cord blood)….run for the hills!

If the doctor (chiropractor) tells you that they won’t (or can’t) do the bone marrow aspiration or the injection…and that someone else will. …run for the hills!

Stem Cell and PRP Seminars will be at our office from 5:45p – 7:00p.

1015 N. Carroll, #2000, Dallas, TX  75204

You can sign up online at the link below. (FREE)


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