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Meniscus tear? Avoid menisectomy…repair it and use PRP or Stem Cells to help it heal!

Here is an example of a patient with an unstable meniscus tear. These sort of tears don’t do well with just an orthobiologic injection in the office because the meniscus (the “cushion” or “shock absorber”) in the knee is still unstable and moves around too much to heal in the right place. Many surgeons will just remove the torn portion of the meniscus, But this is like removing one of the shock absorbers from your car, and places more stress on the knee and can lead to earlier arthritis. We can repair the meniscus in a variety of ways in an arthroscopic surgery that takes about 30-45 minutes…. and still use your own body’s PRP or stem cells to improve the success rate….a win-win situation for you and your knee!

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