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Orthobiologics for Healing Knee Pain
Orthobiologics for Healing Knee Pain

What do you do when your doctor says surgery is the only way to relieve your knee pain? Or when physical therapy, painkillers, and ice don’t seem to be helping?

You may want to consider orthobiologics. Orthobiologics are substances that are extracted from a patient's body, typically from blood or bone marrow or adipose tissue through very simple processes and then re-injected into the affected area.

Orthobiologics may accelerate the healing of damaged muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and may be a valuable option for people with knee pain from a recent injury or from long-standing arthritis.

Dr. Don Buford of Texas Orthobiologics is a doctor who bridges the specialties of orthopedic surgery and regenerative medicine both as a researcher and a surgeon. He is active in studying and teaching on the uses of orthobiologics for all joints and many other orthopedic conditions involving ligament and tendon injury.  He is one of the thought leaders establishing the best evidence-based clinical uses of regenerative medicine therapy.

How orthobiologics can help with knee pain

The knee is one of the most fragile joints in the entire body, and yet it's also one of the most crucial, providing the flexibility to bend, squat, lower and raise yourself, walk, run, etc. Because of how much we use our knees, they are one of the body areas most frequently injured.

Knees can also be damaged without any kind of stress is applied – for instance, as a result of arthritis. In addition, the supportive ligaments and tendons around the knee can be strained or ruptured.

Research is showing that orthobiologic treatments in the form of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections or bone marrow concentrate (BMC) or adipose tissue can minimize pain and sometimes even accelerate healing!

The entire process – from harvesting to reinjection – happens in the doctor’s office and only takes a matter of minutes. 

Contact Texas Orthobiologics

If you’re someone who has been suffering from chronic knee pain through a degenerative condition or traumatic injury, your next step is to contact Dr. Buford at Texas Orthobiologics to set up a consultation. We’ve helped many patients experience accelerated recovery through orthobiologics and we’d love to see if we can help you, too.

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