More level 1 evidence that PRP is as good or better than a steroid injection for rotator cuff tendinopathy.

Even Low Dose PRP is as good or better than a steroid shot!

There is a new level 1 study the the Journal of Arthroscopy comparing steroid and PRP injections for partial thickness rotator cuff tears.

Results? At 3 months patients receiving PRP injection had significantly better function and pain relief. However at 1 year there was no difference between the two groups.

*Important Notes*

The PRP was made with Regenlabs in which 10cc of blood is made into 5.5cc of PRP. The PRP concentration is only 1.6x. Typically I draw 60cc of blood to make the same 5.5 cc of PRP so the concentration is nearly 6 times higher than Regenlabs.

Additionally, I still feel it is important to quantify EVERY PRP dose with whole blood and PRP analysis on a validated hematology machine at the point of care. Every patient gets a whole blood AND PRP eval with WBC with diff., RBC, and Platelet count. PRP with 6x the platelet and growth factor dose might show that PRP’s benefit is even better! There should be no additional cost to the patient of drawing 60cc versus 10cc of their own blood.

I commend Ian Lo, MD and his team on this work and showing that even a low dose PRP orthobiologic treatment is safe and at least as effective as a steroid treatment. We need more work like this!

Shoulder Pain From Impingement? Try Orthobiologics Before Surgery….

Here is another example of how we use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in an orthopedic surgery practice to minimize the need for surgery.  Our patient had shoulder impingement and pain for 2-3 months before seeing us.  We put him on a rehab program and did a subacromial steroid injection.  Unfortunately that did not work over the next 4-6 weeks.  Traditionally, he would now be considered for a subacromial decompression…an arthroscopic surgical procedure that requires some rehab and “downtime” to recover.  Instead, were did a subacromial PRP injection, using his own blood in a 30 minute ultrasound guided office procedure, and within the next 2 months he was pain free.

Stem Cells for Partial Thickness Rotator Cuff Tears

These MRIs are from patient #17 in our ongoing study.  At 6 months his cuff tear is smaller…he is having no pain and is back to all activities.  We are following patients for a full year in this study.

We need 4 more patients to complete our enrollment of 25.

There is no cost to be in this study so if you think you might have a rotator cuff tear and want to consider this non-surgical alternative…call us at 214-385-4860 or 214-385-4861

Our latest patient in our rotator cuff stem cell study

For the last 1.5 years we have been doing an in office study looking at trying to get partial thickness rotator cuff tendons to heal with a single injection of bone marrow derived stem cells.  We are enrolling 25 patients and this is the procedure video from #21 done today!  If you think you might be a candidate for one of the last 4 spots call our office at 214-385-4861 or -4860. There is no cost to be in the study.

Announcing Study Enrollment for our rotator cuff study

The Dallas PRP and Stem Cell Center has now enrolled 16 patients in a study to determine if an office based bone marrow derived stem cell injection can help a partial thickness rotator cuff tendon heal.

The study is expected to enroll a total of 25 patients who will be followed for 1 year after the stem cell treatment.

There is no cost for patients who are enrolled in the study.

Interested patients should contact the office at 214-385-4861 for an evaluation appointment.