We are still open and here to help patients who are in pain….and now we cross state lines!

The Texas Orthobiologic Institute (877-777-8883) ☎️ is still open to help patients in pain 😖 and with orthopedic injuries and conditions that need to be diagnosed and treated.
Appt requests: http://buford.info/appt
We are using telemedicine whenever possible.
We can work across state lines and telemedicine makes that easier.
There are some orthopedic conditions that still need to go to surgery like infections, some tendon ruptures, etc. You don’t need to go to the ER or even come in to the office.
Many patients have had their surgery delayed so we using medications and PRP injections where appropriate to minimize their pain (avoid 🚫steroid shots! avoid 🚫narcotics!).
We can do in office bone marrow concentrate injections without depleting hospital PPE so we can still help our patients with these cutting edge orthobiologic therapies during this stressful time!
Call us if you have ANY questions about how we can help you or your patients or loved ones heal or minimize their pain while they may have to wait months for their elective surgeries to be allowed.

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