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Texas Orthobiologics believes that patients deserve an expert diagnosis and an unbiased orthopedic evaluation of all nonsurgical, surgical, and orthobiologic options appropriate for their condition so that they may make informed healthcare decisions. We will always use the best evidence based orthobiologics and orthopedic surgery to minimize pain and to support the body’s own healing potential. We want to help our patients using the safest, most successful, least invasive, and most cost effective means possible!

  • PRP is made from drawing blood. PRP has no stem cells.
  • PRP can accelerate recovery and promote healing from muscle,
    tendon, and joint injuries.
  • PRP can be used to minimize arthritis pain and back pain.
  • PRP can help heal sports injuries or be used with some surgeries
    to get better results.
  • Our bone marrow contains many biologically active things like growth factors and cytokines and stem cells that help maintain health in our bodies and that can be harnessed in orthobiologic procedures.
  • BMC can promote healing from acute and chronic injuries.
  • BMC can be used with some surgeries to improve outcomes.

American Board Of Orthopedic Surgery

American Board Of Orthopedic SurgeryBoard Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
Don Buford, M.d.Board Certified Orthopedic SurgeonSpecializes in Sports Medicine and Regenerative Medicine

Don Buford, MD founded Texas Orthobiologics as a clinic where patients can get an unbiased orthopedic diagnosis and a complete discussion of their nonsurgical and surgical treatment options including orthobiologics or orthopedic surgery. The most common conditions treated are arthritis pain, back pain, tendon injuries, and sports injuries.

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  • I travelled to Dallas to see Dr. Buford and his staff after a telemedicine visit for stem cell treatment for my arthritic knees and back. His staff was very helpful. He explained why stem cells have to come from my own bone marrow.
  • Dr. Buford preformed a surgery on me before. I trust his work.

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