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  • What to do with a degenerative meniscal tear?

    30 second example of an obstructive meniscal tear that often continues to cause knee dysfunction despite nonsurgical treatment. The degenerative tears have been shown in multiple studies to get better most of the time without surgery, orthobiologics, or anything more than physical therapy. A meniscus tear diagnosis on a MRI reading is not a reason for any invasive procedure….rest, rehab….time…will allow most patients to return to their “baseline” knee function.

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  • Another reason to avoid any products that don’t come from your own body

    On September 28, 2018, the Liveyon company started a product recall of their umbilical cord blood products produced by Genetech in San Diego because of contamination with E. coli. There is no reason to use a riskier allograft orthobiologic when there are more studied, cheaper, safer alternatives that come from our own bodies!

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  • Stop the “Umbilical Cord Blood is a Stem Cell Injection” Scam

    Don’t get scammed by a clinic selling “umbilical cord blood as a living stem cell”. The clinic in question has been in Plano and Arlington Texas for a long time defrauding patients.

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  • Make sure your doctor or surgeon is checking the Platelet Rich Plasma on every case!

    Make sure your doctor or surgeon is checking the Platelet Rich Plasma on every case!

    We had a good example yesterday of how important it is to quantify the orthobiologic and also how much variance there can be in the same patient on the same day. Our first draw resulted in 12.43X LP-PRP with a nice shift away from granulocytes(decreased). The patient decided they wanted to treat an additional region so we drew more blood. About a 30 minute time interval max. Exact same tech, same doc, same centrifuge, same hematology machine, etc…. and this time the PRP was 7.29X LP-PRP with a shift away from granulocytes again.

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  • Ankle Pain?

    If you are having ankle pain from an injury or arthritis, don’t keep getting steroid injections. Call us and come see why PRP or bone marrow derived stem cell injections are a better, natural, safe choice.

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  • If you have chronic pain or are not recovering from an injury….give us a call!

    If you have chronic pain or are not recovering from an injury….give us a call!

    childhood injuries
    fell off my bike
    fell out of a tree

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  • Thumb, wrist, or hand pain? Wave Goodbye with PRP

    Arthritis in your hand or thumb or wrist? Don’t forget about platelet rich plasma! There are many treatment modalities….medications, bracing, therapy, steroid shots……but only PRP is truly based on using your body’s own healing and anti-inflammatory systems. Here is a 1 minute video showing a recent in office injection….he had an injection 1 year ago and got 80% pain reduction and back to all his activities! (after steroid shots were not working). Results vary of course BUT with PRP the biggest risk is that it doesn’t work….no GI problems, no surgery, no uncomfortable braces, no steroid risk.

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  • Should’t We Treat People With Cartilage Problems As Well As We Treat Horses?

    Bone marrow derived stem cells for cartilage repair worked in horses 8 years ago…isn’t time we started treating people with state of the art equine care?? In a 2010 article published in the Journal of Bone And Joint Surgery, the authors compared micro fracture of a 15mm chondral lesion in the trochlea with micro fracture plus bone marrow aspirate concentrate injection. Outcomes at 8 months showed that all scoring systems AND histology AND MRI analysis all showed that both the amount of cartilage AND the type 2 collagen content was significantly better in the BMAC treated group.

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  • Meniscus Tear? Surgery is not always necessary

    Meniscus Tear? Surgery is not always necessary

    I like to try to have a thoughtful personalized approach to treating meniscal pathology rather than a less sophisticated approach of “treat them all the same”. After 25 years of surgical experience to use to help interpret often contradictory published papers, I think the best approach is to separate out the acute from the degenerative tears, stable from the unstable tears, and finally to appreciate the vascular anatomy of the tear location. The picture presented is of a patient who had an acute onset of knee pain over the medial joint line and who failed to get better with a month of directed physical therapy.

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  • Ever Wish You Could Go To An “Honest” PRP and Stem Cell Seminar? Now you can

    Ever Wish You Could Go To An “Honest” PRP and Stem Cell Seminar? Now you can

    I am happy to report that our first three Dinner Seminars on PRP and Stem Cells in Orthopedics have sold out. There are 180 people signed up to attend one of our first 3 dinner seminar series being held in Dallas, Texas. These first 3 seminars include a Ruth’s Chris Dinner!

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