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  • Bone Marrow Aspiration Test Round 1: Marrow Cellutions versus Jamshidi Needle

    We are trying to find the best in office, ultrasound guided solution for our patients who we treat with bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells. There is one device (Marrow Cellutions / Maxx-Regen) that proposes a technique that requires no centrifugation and injects 8-10 cc of marrow aspirated directly without further filtration, concentration of the marrow elements, or removal of red blood cells.

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  • Free PRP and Stem Cell Seminar Tomorrow Night from 7pm -8pm

    We should have a good crowd of prospective patients, a couple of local docs, and a sales rep or two….. We will discuss the current state of the art for PRP and bone marrow derived stem cells. We will give tips on how to spot stem cell scams! Dr. Don Buford, a board certified orthopedic surgeon, will lead the discussion and answer all questions since he also does the procedures. Come on down!

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  • Not Your Typical Free PRP and Stem Cell Seminar Tomorrow Night, March 27, 2018!

    Come join us at the Dallas PRP and Stem Cell Institute tomorrow night at 7pm. Tuesday March 27,2018
    Top 5 reasons why we are not your typical free PRP and stem cell seminar

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  • Maybe a new stem cell activating drug in the future?

    Some smart researchers at the University of South Carolina are looking at enzymes in our blood that may be important in the healing cascade and in putting stem cells into an “activated” state.

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  • Stem Cells for Partial Thickness Rotator Cuff Tears

    Stem Cells for Partial Thickness Rotator Cuff Tears

    These MRIs are from patient #17 in our ongoing study. At 6 months his cuff tear is smaller…he is having no pain and is back to all activities. We are following patients for a full year in this study. We need 4 more patients to complete our enrollment of 25.

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  • Have you been told you need meniscus surgery? Check us out first…there may be another option

    The routine knee surgery for a torn meniscus (a type of cartilage in between the bones of the knee) when there is already arthritis in the knee often leads to a result not better than just waiting for the knee to “settle down”. The problem? It can take a long time for knee function and pain to return to normal….which is why sometimes the surgery is indeed the smart thing to do for someone to return to work and other activities sooner.

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  • Orthobiologics to help a meniscus tear heal

    Orthobiologics to help a meniscus tear heal

    For problems where just an injection in the office won’t be enough, we can still harness the power of PRP or stem cells to try to improve surgical results. Here is a picture from a recent mensicus repair surgery where we are using PRP to try to get the entire torn meniscus to heal after being surgically repaired.

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  • Avoid These Pulmonary “Stem Cell” Clinics!

    Avoid These Pulmonary “Stem Cell” Clinics!

    Another example of the pseudo-science in stem cells. Despite their website, The Lung Institute cannot get stem cells for treatment from peripheral blood….none of us humans can! The second problem? Using stem cells from any source (whether autologous or allograft) has been deemed a non-homologous use by the FDA as of November 2017 …..meaning that in order to do that a clinic or doctor has to have approval from the FDA to make and use an Investigational Drug on Humans. (IND/BLA) So if the Lung Institute does not have an approved IND/BLA with the FDA, they could be sent a Warning Letter to stop treating people with an unapproved drug. Hopefully the FDA has seen this web site!!

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  • Another Knee Replacement Put On Hold

    This patient is now 2.5 years out from a single in office injection of bone marrow derived stem cells. He has done fantastic and wants another in office procedure. He has happy to have avoided or at least significantly delayed a knee replacement surgery…which is what he had been told he needed.

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  • Knee Pain? Don’t want a knee replacement or a steroid shot?? Here is an example of another option

    Knee Pain? Don’t want a knee replacement or a steroid shot?? Here is an example of another option

    The guy in the middle has a total knee replacement on one knee and has done very well from it…..14 years out…no problems…done by an expert joint replacement surgeon (not me). With the left knee, he failed to get symptom relief with medications and steroid shots (couple rounds) and viscosupplementation. He is now a golfer and ex pro baseball player and front row Lakers fan in this picture from the Staples Center last night.

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