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  • July 13, August 10, August 24: Free Public Orthopedic Stem Cell Seminars!

    2017 is half gone! Time to get rid of your joint pain…. Come learn how you have other natural options besides medications, steroids,and surgery to treat your arthritis, back pain and sports injuries.Also learn how to spot the scams online if someone is trying to sell you a stem cell injection that doesn’t come from your own body (amniotic fluid/umbilical cord blood)….run for the hills!

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  • Dallas PRP and Stem Cell Institute Announces New Partnership

    We are pleased to announce our new partnership with the Orthopedic and Back Pain Centers of America, a nationwide organization dedicated to connecting patients seeking quality orthopedic care with top tier providers.  We will fill a niche not only for orthopedic care but also as a a premier orthobiologic and regenerative medicine destination facility.

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  • Stem Cells for Wrist Instability

    Stem Cells for Wrist Instability

    This is an interesting application of orthobiologics for a wrist problem that often requires surgery. The patient had a chronic history of left wrist distal radio-ulnar joint instability that persisted despite 5 months of nonoperative treatment modalities. We discussed surgery and orthobiologics and because it would burn no bridges and potential be effective, a stem cell injection was agreed upon as the best choice for her at this time.

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  • Another Blog Review With A Summary Of Amniotic Fluid/Umbilical Cord Blood/Placental Tissues

    The use of these products in orthobiologics is not illegal. Selling and promoting them as actual stem cell injections would mean that they have been approved by the FDA as a biologic drug…..and none of these products have passed that standard. Patients need to be very sure of what they are paying for with orthobiologic procedures so that they aren’t charged and given a procedure that is not what was advertised!

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  • Giraffes are getting stem cells for knee arthritis…shouldn’t you ?!

    One of the giraffes at the Cheyenne Mountain has the giraffes equivalent of knee arthritis and just received a stem cell injection and a new pair of tennis shoes (Yeezy’s I am sure…)

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