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  • Don't Miss Out On The Most Practical MSK Ultrasound and Orthobiologics Course!

    Don't Miss Out On The Most Practical MSK Ultrasound and Orthobiologics Course!

    Las Vegas MSK Ultrasound and Orthobiologics Course is back!

    July 29-31, 2021 at the Cosmopolitan Hotel

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  • Can A Doctor Advertise Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments? Is PRP a Drug?

    *Two Orthobiologic Questions*
    #1 Is PRP (platelet rich plasma) considered a drug (or HCT/P)? NO
    #2 Can a doctor advertise PRP treatment for orthopedic conditions?*

    Yes, as long as the advertisement is based on accepted medical evidence (ie. studies showing beneficial human outcomes)

    This is just my opinion :) (Based on some solid data though)

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  • Critical Regenerative Medicine/Orthobiologics Webinar Monday 6/14/21

    The Interventional Orthobiologics Foundation is having a free webinar this coming Monday night, 6/14/21 at 6pm Pacific and 9p Eastern.

    *What does the recent FDA Consumer Alert on Orthobiologics mean for Doctors, Manufacturers, and Patients?*

    The panel has over 100 years combined experience in regenerative medicine AND in direct dealings with the FDA and other regulatory authorities. Sign up and listen to Andrew Ittleman Esq., Scott Bruder, MD, PhD, and Matthew Murphy, PhD as they interpret the current regulatory state of regenerative medicine in the USA.

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  • *FDA statement on Orthobiologics – 6/3/2021*

    *FDA statement on Orthobiologics – 6/3/2021*

    The FDA is starting to get even more aggressive in enforcing their HCT/P regulations. The FDA statement yesterday makes it clear that what many of us have been saying for years is in fact true. #1 Stem cells, SVF, umbilical cord blood, amniotic fluid, Wharton’s Jelly, exosomes, and orthobiologics are all considered biologic drugs and ALL are improperly registered under section 361 for orthopedic applications.

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  • When Is A Stem Cell Article Not A Stem Cell Article?

    *When is a level 2 scientific study NOT a level 2 scientific study?*

    Answer: When it is a retrospective review of an insurance company database.

    A recently published 2021 study by Dr. James Pritchett, is titled “The debit side of stem-cell joint injections: a prospective cohort study” and is listed as a Level 2 study by the journal…Current Orthopedic Practice.

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  • Patient Reviews Are In For Texas Orthobiologics!

    Patient Reviews Are In For Texas Orthobiologics!

    just received our monthly report from Web MD and Healthgrades These websites are the two of the largest websites with verified reviews from real patients…..and we care that we are providing good orthopedic and regenerative medicine care. We have 391 5 star reviews on Web MD and 377 5 star reviews on Thanks sincerely to our patients for helping us fine tune our practice to serve them.

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  • Bone Marrow Stem Cell Research? A Colleague has collected 11 years of published papers!

    Bone Marrow Stem Cell Research? A Colleague has collected 11 years of published papers!

    Chris Centeno, MD, founder of Regenexx and past President of the Interventional Orthobiologics Foundation, has collated and linked worldwide research on bone marrow stem cells. Each circle in the pic represents a hyperlink to the article! This amazing project shows the explosive research interest in bone marrow derived stem cells for many clinical uses.

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  • Are Stem Cells In Our Blood?

    I have been involved in recent discussions with patients and clinicians who were under the impression that there are stem cells in circulating blood and therefore also in platelet rich plasma. They have this impression from well known podcasts, from some doctor and chiropractic clinics, and in one case from a company still in the midst of a class action lawsuit whose business model was selling PRP as a stem cell treatment for severe pulmonary diseases (The Lung Institute).

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  • Shoulder Pain? Come to where the research is done! Click the slide for our most recent rotator cuff study.

    Don Buford, MD will be presenting this research study next at the 2021 ARMI Spring Conference. In the study, patients with shoulder pain from rotator cuff tears were treating with cellular therapy (bone marrow concentrate) in a single in office injection. 2 years later, patients still had 80% pain reduction and were 84% better (SANE score) by their own report.

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  • Is your Doctor/Surgeon Board Certified?

    Well, at Texas Orthobiologics he is! There are educational responsibilities every year that are required to maintain Board Certification by The American Board Of Orthopedic Surgery.

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