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*2 minute Orthobiologic Journal Club On Using PRP For Knee Arthritis*

A recently published article concluded that LR-PRP was better than LP-PRP or HA for knee arthritis in a cohort study with 3 treatment groups of 30 patients each.

Interesting because many of us believe that LP-PRP is the better choice for intra-articular applications because of less inflammatory reaction and less potential activation of the catabolic cascade. But there is still lack of consensus on this topic.

Diving into the article I notice that they only drew 25cc per injection and concentrated down to 3cc. The LR-PRP was 4.6X and the LP-PRP was only 1.9X……so maybe that by itself explains why the LR-PRP was better than LP-PRP in this study. Also, the platelet count averages were 1178 platelet count for LR-PRP and 478 platelet count for LP-PRP.

A cleaner study would be to leave the platelet concentration the same and just vary the leukocyte content in my opinion. This is why it is hard to put even good clinical research into widespread practice and why sometimes our studies create more questions than answers!

2 minute Orthobiologic Journal Club On Using PRP For Knee Arthritis

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