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All PRP is NOT the SAME! Does your doctor know your PRP dose?
All PRP is NOT the SAME!  Does your doctor know your PRP dose?

*Can we talk PRP Dosing and Analysis?*

At Texas Orthobiologics , we test every patient's blood and their PRP so we know what we are dosing patients with. Every doctor treating patients with a drug should know the dose of the drug they are giving to the patient, right?  Yet, we know that very few clinics in Dallas, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Southlake, or Fort Worth actually have the machine necessary to be able to determine PRP dosing.   A patient's response is determined in part by the PRP dose so if we don't know one huge piece of the puzzle, how are we supposed to counsel our patients?   

 Not all PRP is the same..... PRP ranges from a platelet count of 270 in one paper to over 3000 in other clinical applications.

In regenerative medicine, we continue to study and develop PRP dosing parameters based on clinical outcomes. So far we have the highest level data for knee OA, hamstring injuries, shoulder pathology, and a few other locations. For those serious about advancing the knowledge....we need to track EVERY dose AND we need to store the patient demographics and the treatment outcomes in a registry....ideally one set up specifically for orthobiologics.

Below is a printout showing how we run the before and after for a PRP treatment. In this example the calculated PRP dose is 10.5 Billion platelets delivered in 8cc of PRP.   

If we are going to give the best evidence based advice for this high level therapy....we owe it to patients to take this extra step and know the dose!

So if you are in Dallas, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Southlake, Westlake, or even Fort Worth......check with us to make sure you are getting the latest evidence based PRP and regenerative medicine options.

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