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Coming Soon….name change for the Dallas PRP and Stem Cell Institute

The Dallas PRP and Stem Cell Institute will soon be changing names to reflect the expansion of orthobiologic services available at the clinic.

Orthobiologic injections such as platelet rich plasma (PRP) or bone marrow concentrate (BMC/stem cells) are used in orthopedics to minimize joint pain, minimize inflammation, and to help tissues heal with or without orthopedic surgery.

The new clinic name will be

The Texas Orthobiologic Institute

The Institute’s Founder, Don Buford, MD, says “..the Institute is changing names to reflect the growth and expansion of the clinic.  We will be seeing patients at a new Ft. Worth location starting in September, 2019.  We are excited by our continued growth and we remain committed to bringing patients orthopedic surgery and Orthobiologic Injections in an evidence based fashion.”

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