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Does your regenerative medicine provider analyze what they are giving you?

Using orthobiologics like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and stem cells (bone marrow derived) in orthopedics requires more than just surgical and nonsurgical training and technical skills. A doctor and clinic should be able to quantify the doses of these biologic drugs being given….otherwise we have no idea what we are giving to a patient! The picture shows our in house lab with 5 different centrifuges in house (yes 5!) and a hematology analyzer to quantify whole blood and PRP (and study bone marrow aspirate and bone marrow concentrate). We also have a cell counter to quantify bone marrow aspirate and bone marrow concentrate. We also have a biologic laminar flow cabinet. Our results go into each patient’s chart with every procedure and into our orthobiologic online registry with every procedure also! Know your doc and your clinic!

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