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Free Dallas PRP and Stem Cell Seminar This Thursday 7p – 8p!


If you have joint pain or back pain or have been told you need orthopedic surgery….please come to our regenerative medicine seminar this Thursday evening. Don Buford, MD, a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, will lead a  question and answer seminar designed to protect patients from stem cell scams and to help patients decide when PRP or stem cell injections might be a good treatment option. If a clinic tells you that the stem cells are coming from someone else, or from out of a bottle….run for the door! If the clinic is owned by a chiropractor and someone else does the injections….run for the door! Come spend 7p -8p and learn what the current state of the art truly is! Location: 1015 N. Carroll, #2000, Dallas, 75204

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