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Free Public Stem Cell Seminar Tonight from 6p-7p

Don Buford, MD will be leading another platelet rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell seminar Wednesday October 18, 2017 at the office of The Dallas PRP and Stem Cell Institute from 6p -7p.  Dr. Buford is an orthopedic surgeon and the Director of the Institute and does all of the patient counseling and procedures.   Come have all your questions answered about when using your own blood and stem cells from bone marrow makes sense in orthopedics.  Dr. Buford also points out the many clinics in the area that are fraudulently or illegally selling allograft products like amniotic fluid or umbilical cord blood as stem cell injections….often for over $4000 for one joint (!!)….which is more than an actual bone marrow derived stem cell procedure done properly at our office.  If you have been to a seminar where they were collecting your credit card information in the back of the room with a discount for signing up “today…”  then you probably need to come get the honest truth about these procedures from a clinician established in Dallas as an orthopedic surgeon for the last 18 years!

There is no cost to Signup at the home page on the website:

The seminar is at 1015 N. Carroll, #2000, Dallas, Texas, 75204

214-385-4860 for questions.

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