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  • How To Wisely Choose Your Regenerative Medicine Doctor!

    5 simple tips on how to pick your regenerative medicine doctor from the many “specialists” claiming expert status in regenerative medicine

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  • Our next free Stem Cell and PRP Seminar is Thursday April 25th

    Come spend an hour with us and get some honest answers about what PRP and Stem Cells are best used for in orthopedics. The Director, Don Buford MD, will be leading the seminar and answering all your questions and giving you tips on how to avoid scams. Dr. Buford is a board certified orthopedic surgeon in Dallas for 19 years and is very involved in research and teaching and training other doctors in orthopedic regenerative medicine. The seminar runs from 7p - 8p at 1015 N. Carroll, #2000, Dallas, Texas, 75204

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  • We just crossed over 2000 followers on Instagram @dallasstemcell!

    We just crossed over 2000 followers on Instagram @dallasstemcell!

    Orthopedics and PRP and Stem Cells! Have you seen our Instagram site recently?…We are adding ever 250 followers a week and just added our 2000th follower. On IG I mix in fun tips and tidbits, clinical tips, short interviews on hot topics (like commenting on the umbilical cord blood hashtag#scam “Stem Cell” injection the actor who played Superman recently got from a nurse in Beverly Hills.

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  • Introducing the Regenerative Medicine “Know” Series

    #1. There are no living stem cells in frozen, shipped umbilical cord or amniotic fluid or Wharton’s Jelly or placenta
    #2. The FDA has ruled that these products are unapproved biologic drugs when used for orthopedic conditions (ie. illegal to give)

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  • Further proof that Umbilical cord blood/amniotic fluid/Wharton’s Jelly are NOT” stem cell” injections

    Here is an amazingly thorough review of the advertising, marketing, and doctor fraud associated with selling umbilical cord blood, amniotic fluid, and Wharton’s Jelly as “stem cell injections”, whether used for Autism or any other diagnosis. There are NO significant functional stem cells in these products.

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  • Meet the Team: Sara!

    Meet the Team: Sara!


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  • Have a look at our last 38 patient testimonials!

    Dallas PRP and Stem Cell Institute specializes in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and stem cell (from your own bone marrow) procedures for orthopedic conditions like arthritis, back pain, sports injuries. Most procedures are done in the office in less than an hour. We help patients interested in avoiding surgery. We also help patients avoid getting scammed by unscrupulous clinics delivering products that are not really stem cell injections or that are not properly registered with the FDA.

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  • Who Do You Want Doing Your Orthopedic Procedure?

    check us out on instagram too @dallastemcell

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  • Check out our latest Instagram Posts!

    Check out our latest Instagram Posts!

    Interested in orthobiologics? Have your seen my instagram @dallasstemcell? I bring an orthopedic surgeon’s approach to using orthobiologics like PRP (platelet rich plasma) and bone marrow concentrate (stem cells) . On Instagram, I have videos explaining basic concepts in orthobiologics and detailing how I craft a treatment plan for each patient based on the best evidence for surgery and orthobiologics.

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  • You have to always be a student as a doctor!

    I just finished lecturing at a great inaugural meeting focused on sports medicine and nutrition and wellness. The ASPIRE meeting was chaired by Vonda Wright, MD and Mark Sakr, DO. Treating the whole patient is critical for success! Orthobiologics like PRP and stem cells are just two tools in the hands of an orthopedic physician to help patients maintain their health. I spoke about how and why an orthopedic surgeon would use orthobiologics like PRP and bone marrow concentrate (stem cells). The audience questions and panel discussions at these meetings are always so enlightening and allow me to learn as much as I teach!

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