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Here’s How Orthobiologics can Help you Overcome an Injury Faster
Here’s How Orthobiologics can Help you Overcome an Injury Faster

Over the last several decades, a great deal of orthopedic research has been conducted on the body’s natural healing process.  In orthopedics, the focus has been on natural elements like proteins, cytokines, platelets, and different types of cells.

One of the most significant advances in orthopedics is our growing understanding of how to use our own blood or bone marrow or adipose tissue to promote and support the natural healing process. When we use blood, the resulting orthobiologic is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and there are no significant stem cells. When we use bone marrow the resulting orthobiologic is called bone marrow concentrate (BMC/BMAC) and there are several types of stem cells present.

An increasingly common procedure in orthopedic medicine is the bone marrow aspirate concentrate injection. In this procedure, bone marrow is harvested in the office or operating room, concentrated, and then the concentrated end product is injected where it may stimulate a healing response and decrease pain and inflammation. BMC is most commonly used for arthritic joints but can also be used for tendon, ligament, and spinal disk disorders.

How orthobiologics can help

Orthobiologics are used to minimize pain and dysfunction from orthopedic conditions and to stimulate a healing response. Since orthobiologics are made from your own body, there is no chance of rejection. Most procedures are done in the office in less than an hour!

Where to seek orthobiologics treatment

To explore the benefits possible from orthobiologics treatment, contact Dr. Don Buford of Texas Orthobiologics. Dr. Buford is uniquely positioned as an expert in regenerative medicine and orthopedic surgery. At Texas Orthobiologics, you will receive a personalized evaluation and all your treatment options. You just might be amazed at your body's ability to heal itself when coupled with the power of regenerative medicine.

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