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How much should Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP cost?

Based on Level 1 evidence in orthopedics, how much should a clinic charge for a PRP injection for knee osteoarthritis? We already know that PRP has been shown to work better and last longer than steroid or hyaluronic acid injections….that is a fact based on over 25 level 1 studies from around the world. Since PRP is not covered for knee arthritis in the USA, what should the doctor charge the patient?

A level 1 paper published in 2020 evaluated this question and determined that for an insurance company payor… PRP total cost (office visit, procedure, injectable supplies and product) should be less than $1192.08 per year to be cost effective compared to hyaluronic acid.

At the Texas Orthobiologics Institute we charge $650.

How much should Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP cost?

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