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Interested in recent FDA action against regenerative medicine sellers, clinics and doctors?

For patients and clinicians interested in seeing just some of the FDA enforcement actions against some clinics and sellers….here you go.
Sadly, there are even more than listed here!
The point is to make sure you are seeing an orthopedist for an orthopedic issue.
Make sure the person making surgical or non surgical decisions is a surgeon who does the surgeries. (FDA action against Chara Biologics) (FDA action against Liveyon) (FDA on exosomes) (FDA action against US Stem Cell and adipose) (FDA action against Cell Surgical Network and adipose) (FDA on institutional review boards) (FDA action against Richsource Stem Cells) (FDA action against Cord For Life and umbilical cord) (FDA action against Stemgenex and umbilical cord) (FDA opinion on whartons jelly) (FDA action against R3 Stem Cells)

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