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Marrow Cellutions vs Jamshidi Round 1 CFU-f/ml Test Results

Recap: On one patient I used the Marrow Cellutions/Maxx Regen needle to draw a total of 9cc of marrow from the left posterior iliac crest. On the same patient I went 1 inch superior on the same crest, and using a multiport Jamshidi with the same 10cc size syringe as the MC needle, I drew 9cc of marrow in 1cc increments with needle advancement of 0.4cm between 1cc draws (trying to best match the MC needle technique)

The TNC in the MC Needle draw was 349 million total in 9cc
The TNC in the multiport Jamshidi was 229 million total in 9cc.

CFU-f/ml Results from Round 1

The MC Needle was 892 CFU-f/ml in 9cc.

The multi-port Jamshidi was 610 CFU-f/ml in 9cc.
So in terms of a straight aspiration, the MC needle beat the multiport Jamshidi to the tune of 46% better!

The bonus test I did on the same patient then used the same “tunnel” already made and harvested with the Jamshidi to then draw 55cc of marrow from deep to superficial….that 47cc of marrow aspirate only had 192 CFU-f/ml.


After centrifuging and concentrating even that poorly harvested sample that only had 192 CFU-f/ml…the ultimate 8cc bone marrow concentrate product had a CFU-f/ml was 1,427……higher than the MC Needle by 60%!

Take home message is that (at least on this patient) drawing 47cc of bone marrow thru a previously scavenged site and then concentrating yielded better CFU-f/ml by 60% than the MC Needle which only drew 8cc and does not concentrate the end product.

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