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Maximizing Surgical Outcomes Through Orthobiologics
Maximizing Surgical Outcomes Through Orthobiologics

In the United States, orthobiologics have been used for many years to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Now, orthobiologics are also being evaluated for post-surgical use to maximize outcomes, aid in recovery, and reduce pain.

What are orthobiologics? Orthobiologics are natural substances such as cells, tissue, blood components, and growth factors that are harnessed from the patient’s own body.

Orthobiologics can be used by orthopedic surgeons to accelerate the natural healing process which takes place in bones, muscles, and tendons. Orthobiologics are closely associated with regenerative medicine because regenerative medicine is the medical branch that uses orthobiologics to minimize patient pain and dysfunction from orthopedic conditions. Around the world, doctors are studying how to use orthobiologics in addition to surgery for injuries that are too severe to be treated with orthobiologics alone.

Maximizing surgical outcomes

How can the best possible surgical outcomes be achieved? As any great surgeon can tell you, the best possible outcomes are those that successfully accomplish the goal of surgery - and that makes the patient comfortable before, during, and after the operation.

Because orthobiologics can promote healing and sometimes even repair damaged tissue, patients may recover more quickly from some surgical procedures. This aspect of orthobiologic use is truly cutting-edge and we make this treatment option available to our patients when appropriate.

Experts in orthobiologics

Although there are very few true experts in orthobiologics, one such expert is board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Don Buford of Texas Orthobiologics. To learn more about Dr. Buford and his practice, Texas Orthobiologics, please visit our website at

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