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Mounting legal problems for clinics using fat/adipose stem cells in orthopedics

Any clinic still using adipose/SVF as a stem cell source should probably stop now!

The NY Attorney General has just filed lawsuit against Park Avenue Stem Cell and Dr. Joel Singer for selling adipose/SVF derived stem cells.

The Park Avenue Stem Cell clinic is a former Cell Surgical Network affiliate which is a network whose founders (Drs. Mark Berman and Dr. Elliot Lander, are currently entangled with their own legal struggles with the USA Justice department over their stem cell clinic claims and activities.

The AG is seeking permanent injunction on the basis of “fraudulent and illegal advertising regarding its stem cell procedures.” The alleged fraud was based on the clinic selling an adipose/stromal vascular fraction stem cell therapy as a treatment for “…urological diseases, erectile dysfunction, cardiac/pulmonary disease, neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and ALS, various autoimmune diseases such as lupus, and orthopedic conditions.”

Additionally, the clinic is accused of misrepresenting that the treatments were “FDA-approved, that their patients are participating in an established research study” both very common lies told to patients by clinics trying to justify these alleged scams. Finally, the AG is seeking a return of profit, and a potential penalty of $5000 PER PATIENT!!

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