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Not Your Typical Free PRP and Stem Cell Seminar Tomorrow Night, March 27, 2018!

Come join us at the Dallas PRP and Stem Cell Institute tomorrow night at 7pm. Tuesday March 27,2018
Top 5 reasons why we are not your typical free PRP and stem cell seminar….
1. Our seminars are led by a board certified orthopedic surgeon, Don Buford, MD who is sports medicine fellowship trained and has been using regenerative medicine techniques since 2009…..and has published in this field.
2. Our procedures are done by an orthopedic surgeon who makes the diagnosis and discusses all of the surgical and nonsurgical options with 18 years of orthopedic surgery experience and 9 years of regenerative medicine experience.
3. We will never lie to patients and tell them that a stem cell injection can come from amniotic fluid or umbilical cord blood…never….no scams…..only bone marrow derived living stem cells are used in our clinic.
4. We will answer any and all questions….no deflections…no “call the office for an appointment to get that answered” …no quaint sayings….just our opinions based on the best available evidence to date.
5. Don Buford, MD ( stays informed on the most recent basic science, clinical, and legal aspects of orthobiologics an dis frequently asked to lecture at meetings on these topics to other professionals….

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