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RegenPhysicians: Another Example Of Doctors To Avoid

Another Example Of Doctors To Avoid

#1 If their advertising lists multiple conditions from orthopedics to autism to autoimmune disorders to cerebral palsy to heart failure…..they are not legitimate and they are sam artists…and almost certainly breaking the law for using drugs not approved by the FDA in ways not approved by the FDA. Run away.

#2 If they are advertising treating medical conditions for which they have NO training….ie…an anesthesiologist treating kidney or orthopedic or neurologic disorders……Runaway, fast.

#3 If they are promoting amniotic fluid, umbilical cord blood, Wharton’s Jelly, Exosomes, or anything that doesn’t come from your own body…. Run away. Many of these clinics have permanently harmed people and there are lawsuits across the country against clinics that have used these products on people.

The Screen capture above is just one example of a local DFW clinic that is doing everything wrong in my opinion….see that they raise every red flag. I have now seen 3 patients who have spent thousands of dollars at that clinic and they are not happy!

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