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Should’t We Treat People With Cartilage Problems As Well As We Treat Horses?

Bone marrow derived stem cells for cartilage repair worked in horses 8 years ago…isn’t time we started treating people with state of the art equine care?? In a 2010 article published in the Journal of Bone And Joint Surgery, the authors compared micro fracture of a 15mm chondral lesion in the trochlea with micro fracture plus bone marrow aspirate concentrate injection. Outcomes at 8 months showed that all scoring systems AND histology AND MRI analysis all showed that both the amount of cartilage AND the type 2 collagen content was significantly better in the BMAC treated group. This was 8 years ago……time to move the needle in humans when dealing with acute chondral pathology. We need dosing data but the concept has been here and shown effective for animals a lot heavier and faster than us!!! Since the Dallas PRP and Stem Cell Institute is staffed by an orthopedic surgeon….we can offer the full range of orthopedic and regenerative medicine care…especially important when the best option is surgery plus stem cells for the best long term result.

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