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Sometimes we have to put stem cells back where they belong!

This case study is a 47 year old woman with years of knee pain from arthritis. She has had 2 prior surgeries and multiple steroid shots from other clinicians. We decided to use her own stem cells from her bone marrow….concentrate them…and inject them into the areas around her knee where she needs cartilage and bone marrow support. This orthobiologic injection into the subchondral areas of the bone is a procedure that has been studied with published results showing good outcomes up to ten years in patients with knee arthritis or even with osteonecrosis of the knee…an even worse condition where areas of the bone marrow no longer have any blood supply. The most recently published study by Philippe Hernigou, MD, a French Orthopedic surgeon, showed that the majority of patients who had a total knee replacement on one knee and a stem cell injection in the subchondral region of the femoral condyle and tibial plateau on the opposite knee….preferred the knee that got the orthobiologic injection! And the knee with the joint replacement needed additional surgery 20% of the time within 10 years! At least evaluate all of your options prior to joint replacement.

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