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Stop the “Umbilical Cord Blood is a Stem Cell Injection” Scam

Don’t get scammed by a clinic selling “umbilical cord blood as a living stem cell”. The clinic in question has been in Plano and Arlington Texas for a long time defrauding patients….

Hello XXXX XXXX, DC, I saw a patient today to whom your clinic was attempting to sell a knee stem cell injection from umbilical cord blood for osteoarthritis. There are no living stem cells in umbilical cord blood which is why these products are registered as section 361 products with the FDA. If there were actually living stem cells in the product, then your clinic would be noncompliant with FDA regs by injecting an allograft stem cell product in a non homologous use into a non 1st/2nd deg. relative, without a RMAT designation or an IND/BLA with the FDA. I have now had 3 former patients asking if I will support a potential consumer fraud lawsuit against your clinic. Selling 1-2cc of umbilical cord blood as a FDA compliant living stem cell injection is indeed fraudulent in my opinion and is harmful to patients seeking out your clinic for professional care. I am taking the time to write you because I think these people have the truth and are angry at the deceit and fraud. You and your partners should realize the medico-legal liability you are assuming in case you didn’t have a clue before.

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