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Want to get off of narcotics? Consider Orthobiologics

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One of our best options to fight the opioid epidemic (in orthopedics) is with orthobiologics. At the Dallas PRP and Stem Cell Institute we use platelet rich plasma and bone marrow derived stem cells for patients with chronic, painful orthopedic conditions like osteoarthritis. There is clinical evidence of orthobiologic efficacy compared to steroid shots, viscosupplementation, and even surgery! Cost is a significant concern. We have PRP injections down to $500 for some indications and often they work where steroids and “gel” injections don’t work or last long enough in the knee. With bone marrow derived stem cells, we do an in office procedure in 1 hour (start to finish) or less….and we have the cost down to $2500 for some applications. Costly? yes. But compared to a surgical alternative or a potentially harmful or noneffective injection of something like steroids or “gel shots”…..I like having the orthobiologic option. Patients do too. See below for an example of a patient only 2 months post stem cell injection for shoulder arthritis…she has significantly decreased her opioid use in this short time already. #arthritis#stemcells#knee#shoulder

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