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We use bone marrow derived Stem Cells or PRP(platelet rich plasma) for elbow conditions like tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, ulnar collateral ligament tears

Here is another example of how we analyze and document every single PRP injection in the office so that we can develop dosing criteria for specific orthopedic applications. Two weeks ago this young baseball athlete had a BMC (bone marrow derived stem cell) injection for a partial ulnar collateral ligament tear. Today’s PRP was given to further stimulate and promote a healing response. He has already been told that the only option is surgery since he has been symptomatic thru rehab and rest. We are trying to give him a chance to heal with orthobiologics and avoid the surgical theater with the uncertainty and rehab that involves with a 16 year old student athlete. The hematology analysis is done in our office and for this PRP confirmed a 8X concentration, leukocyte poor PRP (LP-PRP), no red blood cells, and a platelet dose of 1472 10(3)/mm(3)…..and we delivered a total of 4 cc all around the UCL under ultrasound guidance.
As a patient, if you are considering orthobiologics for arthritis or sports injuries or back pain, please make sure you ask lots of questions….
1. doctor training (is it a MD/DO?) 
2. orthobiologic experience
3. stem cell source(they need to come from your own body!)
4. Ultrasound or fluoroscopy guidance? 
5. is the PRP or stem cell product analyzed?
6. Price? Number of treatments?

If you don’t get good answers, give us a call

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