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*What do we do when not seeing patients in Frisco or Dallas, Texas?*
*What do we do when not seeing patients in Frisco or Dallas, Texas?*

I am currently a freshman serving a 3 year term on the AANA Board of Directors (AANA Website)

We just finished our summer meeting at the amazing Hythe Hotel in Vail.

What a fantastic group!

AANA is filled with so many talented and kind and humble people that happen to be orthopedic surgeons!

Many thanks to the executive team for putting together a fantastic Board of Directors weekend.

JT Tokish, MD, current president, is continuing to innovate and push the organization into the future!

With so many innovators in one room, I always learn something. It only helps our Texas Orthobiologics patients....we hear things "hot of the press" and even some ideas in "pre-production"!

Current 2023 AANA Board of Directors  ( in no particular order):

Jason Dragoo, MD       Jeanne Patzkowski, MD       Kevin Plancher, MD      Brian Waterman, MD

Ivan Wong, MD      Augustus Mazzocca, MD        Don Buford, MD

Current AANA Presidential Line and Officers

JT Tokish, MD, President          Alan Curtis, MD,  1st VP           John Kelly IV, MD, 2nd VP

James Stone, MD, Immediate Past President             Mark Getelman, MD, Past President

Kevin Bonner, MD, Treasurer           Joseph Tauro, Secretary


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